Prime Teknologies UK in Q1 2024 Plans To Set Up The Largest Solar Power Plant In Nigeria

25 megawatts PV in Nigeria. Prime Tek

In line with our mission to provide practical solutions that solve societal problems and improve user experience, Prime Teknologies has taken proactive steps to provide renewable energy solutions to aid the energy sector of Nigeria during the first quarter of 2024. Prime Teknologies will establish a 25 Megawatt Photovoltaic (PV) power-generating plant in Lagos, Nigeria.

We will be working in collaboration with our global partners who are experts in renewable energy deployment. We believe this PV power plant will be a good step in the right direction in providing clean energy solutions for communities in Nigeria giving them hybrid electricity options while supporting the national grid in generating and providing uninterrupted power.

Prime Teknologies is deeply interested in driving positive changes in the renewable energy sectors, especially in developing countries. We have generated over 100 gigawatts of power in over 30 countries across the globe including Spain, South America, Ghana, Kenya, and the UK.

Under the leadership of our CEO, Mr. Charles Scott-Emuakpor, Prime Teknologies will be assembling experts in the Nigerian power sector including power systems engineers and business leaders.

“We are building the largest utility-scale power plant in Nigeria so far. One of the key drivers behind our initiative is the pressing need to address Nigeria’s energy challenges with sustainable solutions. The Prime Solar Power Plant represents a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting clean, reliable energy sources in Nigeria and beyond”, Mr. Charles Scott-Emuakpor said.

“By incorporating innovative technologies like Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) doing the energy storing at capacity for off-peak distribution alongside PV modules doing the energy harvesting, we aim to maximize the efficiency and reliability of this Renewable Power Plant and many others. This approach underscores our dedication to providing clean, affordable, and sustainable electricity to Nigerian homes and businesses while contributing to the nation’s sustainable development goals”.

Prime Teknologies is also in close communication with the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) of Nigeria. This 25 Megawatt PV Plant will also contribute significant social progress creating over 2000 jobs locally during the process of setting up the power plant and beyond for maintenance and operations. Empowering local communities aligns with our bigger picture at Prime Teknologies to drive positive change through innovations and social development.

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