Prime Teknologies is at the forefront of revolutionizing transportation through Electric Vehicles (EV). Our commitment to sustainability drives us to create advanced, eco-friendly solutions that redefine the way we commute. From sleek designs to cutting-edge technology, our EV innovations are paving the way for a cleaner, greener future. Join us as we accelerate towards a more sustainable and electrifying tomorrow.

Environmental Benefits

Energy Efficiency

Reduced Dependency on Fossil Fuels

Cost Savings

Global Impact

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Smart Charger

SCharger-7KS-S0 / 22KT-S0


Fast Installation

Click-in Design, Complete Installation in 15 Minutes

PV Power Preferred Mode

Solar Charging Priority

Dynamic Charging, No Overloading

Dynamically Adjust to Prevent Overload Tripping

3 Authentication Modes

Flexible Charging, Exclusive Service

3 Authentication Modes

Intelligent Management and Scheduled Charging

Click-in Design for Fast Installation in 15 Mins

No tedious cable wiring or connection is required with HUAWEI Smart Charger. The click-in design allows a 15-minute installation with only 3 steps. Before activating the charger, mount the rear cover on the wall, with cable routing options either from the top or the bottom. Maintenance can be easily fixed in 4 minutes.

Safety and Ease, Indoors or Outdoors

Safe Charging for Secure Use

Charging should be safe and concern-free from both overheating and leakage. Multiple built-in temperature sensors precisely manage the charger body and prevent unexpected overheating. Type A+DC 6 mA current leakage protection ensures both AC and DC leakage proof safety.

IP54 Protection

IP54-rated protection fully seals the complete circuits against water and dust ingress. The waterproof maze pattern on the rear cover and CATII-rated lightning protection ensure reliable outdoor charging.

So Smart, for Your Intelligent Charging

Go Solar with Smart Charger

HUAWEI Smart Charger comes with the unique PV power preferred mode, to prioritize the solar power charging of your electric vehicles and maximize green power consumption. It supports three-phase switchover to single-phase, providing obtainable charging power as low as 1.4 kW and maxing your PV utilization. *Applicable only to three-phase Smart Charger working at PV preferred mode.

Dynamic Charging, No Fear of Overload Tripping

Based on the solar irradiance and the power of other appliances, EV charging power is dynamically adjusted accordingly, to avert overload tripping and ensure reliable charging. No interruptions, only joy.

Flexible Charging, Exclusively for you

3 authentication modes including FusionSolar app, RFID card, and Bluetooth enable you to flexibly connect your EV to the Smart Charger, enjoying an exclusive service. Whether it's a neighbour, friend, or someone else, you can grant your charging permission to them on FusionSolar app by account authorization.

One-stop Solution, Go Green on the Road

By integrating Smart PV, ESS, and Smart charger, we offer Huawei offers a one-stop power solution to yield green electricity, lower home energy bills, and support green power consumption on the road.

Safety and Ease, Indoors or Outdoors

User-friendly Comfort

We care about users' comfort while notching up the tech performance. The 50° plug and unplug design of the charging connector brings about ergonomic comfort when holding and carrying, a pleasant charging experience when your EV is out of juice.

Balance of Technology and Fashion

As a Red Dot Winner 2023, Smart Charger features a dynamic waistline to hide cable holes and flow around its body shape. Lamé curve delivers a unique affinity, making it easy to blend with the surrounding environment. Once connected, the breathing LED light will be turned on as a planet ring.

Applicable to All European-standard EVs

Smart Charger fits the bill for all European-standard electric car models. Provided you have a car to carry a 50 kWh battery, only 7 hours* is approximately needed to have it fully fed with the max. power of 7 kW at single phase or 2.3 hours* with the max. power of 22 kW at three-phase.


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