National Digital Infrastructure

Ministry Digitalization Enables Efficient Service and High-Quality

Advanced Digital Infrastructure Facilitates Ministries‘ Interconnection and Improves Service Efficiency

With the advent of the digital era, digital technologies have been widely used in government ministries to manage services, promote digital transformation and service model optimization, help achieve efficient public services, precise service management, and high-quality decision-making, and provide strong support for the modernization of governance systems and capabilities of ministries.
Huawei provides ICT infrastructure products and solutions for customers such as the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration, and Institute of Social Security to meet their digital transformation requirements and ensure service stability, optimal experience, and higher operational efficiency.


Finance and Tax Industry Data Storage Solution

Huawei Finance and Tax Industry Data Storage Solution helps tax agencies in various countries quickly build a green, efficient, resilient, and reliable digital foundation.

Finance and Tax Industry Data Storage Solution

Finance and Tax Industry Data Storage Solution

The performance of Huawei OceanStor Dorado can easily reach 350,000 IOPS and the solution can be smoothly evolved to Geography Redundant Data Center Solution without interrupting services in the future, which helps the General Directorate of Taxation of Morocco achieve zero complaints and improves the service efficiency by about 20%.
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